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Aid and Attendance Gilbert AZ: What You Can Do To Help Your Aging Loved One Who Needs Care

Aging veterans may require some type of home care during the latter stages of their life. Unfortunately many of them never get the help they need or deserve, often because they don’t realize there are services and programs designed to help them.

The average person can do a lot to help an elderly veteran who is struggling with his or her health or who may need help around the house.

There are various nonprofit organizations across the country that accept volunteers, financial support, and other assistance and provide direct help to veterans of all ages. The most common ailment that affects veterans is posttraumatic stress disorder. However, for an aging veteran, somebody who is 65 years of age or over, they are going to face the same type of health challenges that other elderly individuals may face.

You can also learn more about various pension programs that are available through the Veterans Administration. One of those pension programs is called the VA Aid and Attendance Benefit. It was put into effect after World War I as an effort to help returning soldiers deal with various injuries, disabilities, and even shell shock, which is today referred to as posttraumatic stress disorder.

This pension program provides financial assistance to those veterans who qualify to help pay for home care. Not many veterans know about the Aid and Attendance pension and therefore don’t apply for it. In fact, out of the millions of veterans throughout the country, less than 900,000 actually receive or apply for the Aid and Attendance pension.

This benefit pension program is available to any veteran, regardless of age. However, for veterans under the age of 65, they would need to have been injured or disabled during a time of active duty service during a time of official combat as defined by Congress. Official combat would include World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf War.

For veterans 65 and over, they need a doctor’s recommendation for home care in order to qualify. They wouldn’t need to have been injured or disabled during, combat or service. They would also need to have an income less than the specified threshold as defined by the Veterans Administration.

Learn as much as you can about the VA Aid and Attendance Benefit and then share this information with veterans you come in contact with who may require some type of home care.

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