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eTools for the Live in Caregiver

Live-In Care Gilbert AZ: The are Many Tools that Can Help The Live-In Caregiver These Days

Live-In CareTechnology is making many aspects of life much easier to deal with. For live in care for seniors, there are numerous etools available that can help provide support, improve the quality of care for the patient, and help the caregiver stay in touch with a strong support network.

Etools are technological devices that can provide assistance for numerous individuals and for numerous reasons. Below are a few ideas that can help the live in caregiver.

Connectivity Devices

Staying in touch with family members and friends is a great way to boost emotional well-being. Using tablets, laptops, and even smart phones, the elderly individual can speak to family members and friends across the country and around the world, and can even use video chat options so they can see their loved ones.

Technology has allowed society to be more connected than at any other time in history. Using these available resources can provide numerous benefits for the elderly patient.

Monitoring Apps

A patient who is required by his or her doctor to monitor their diet, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and other basic information might be able to utilize certain monitoring apps that could send this information directly to their primary care physician as requested.

A live in caregiver who is not a licensed nurse or other certified medical professional might not be able to take blood pressure readings or do other activities of that nature, but they may be able to assist the patient, if the patient requires it, with using these type of apps.

Other Monitoring Programs

For the live in caregiver working with the patient who has a tendency to get up in the middle of the night frequently, wander, or have other potential safety issues could rely on different programs and devices to help them monitor the patient more effectively.

For example, there are devices that can alert a live in caregiver when an elderly patient gets up and out of bed. They can also use monitoring devices on doors to help deter wandering in the middle of the night. Dementia patients are at an increased risk of leaving the house and during winter, this can be incredibly dangerous.

Any program, app, or device that creates a safer environment for the elderly patient will also make things easier for a live in caregiver. Live in care for seniors is meant to help keep the patient safe and comfortable and provide a great support system for him or her. Relying on technology can make that even more possible.

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