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Did You Know Hiring Live-In Home Care Can Offer Companionship for Your Senior Loved One, and many other Benefits? Find Out the Importance of Companionship.

Beating Back Loneliness through Live-In Care for Seniors in Sacramento, CA

There are many different aspects to live in care for seniors, and one that is not often talked about is companionship. Many elderly individuals who live alone face loneliness on a daily basis. They might not express their loneliness to family members or friends, mostly because they don’t want to draw attention to themselves or feel it’s seeking sympathy, but especially in the afternoon and evening hours, the loneliness can become much more pronounced.Live-In Home Care Sacramento CA

Hiring home care to provide support for a few hours a day, even just a couple hour days a week, can be incredibly useful at helping to combat loneliness. Yet, once the caregiver leaves for the day, the elderly individual will become even more acutely aware how alone they are.

The Importance of Companionship

Human beings are social creatures. In other words, we are meant to be connected with others on a regular basis. A network may be considerably small, such as a spouse, an adult child, or one or two close friends. When you get older, you may lose that network one person at a time.

When you have more difficulties getting around, such as losing the ability to drive, it can make the individual feel even more isolated and alone.

Companionship then becomes even more important. Finding companionship through a senior center or other local network is one solution, but that would require the senior to be able to drive or get a ride to these facilities. A live-in caregiver can provide that companionship he or she needs.

How a live-in caregiver offers companionship.

Just being there, being somebody to talk to, offering support for the elderly patient, are all important in providing companionship to the individual. Having a conversation over breakfast, lunch, or dinner is incredibly beneficial for emotional as well as physical health.

For the elderly individual, knowing there’s somebody to call on if they need help getting up, going to the bathroom, or taking part in an activity, helps to provide comfort.

A live in caregiver can also offer companionship by sitting down and watching TV, playing games, or doing other activities with the elderly patient. It can be difficult to beat back loneliness when you’re surrounded by emptiness on a daily basis. Yet with live in care for seniors on your side, you will feel less alone and that companionship can go a long way toward promoting positive health and well-being.

If you or an aging loved one needs to hire home care in Sacramento, CA area, remember Senior Home Care Services for all services needed. Call us at (916) 514-7006 for more information.

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Jay Bloodsworth

With over 25 years experience as a health care executive, Jay Bloodsworth founded A Better Living Home Care Agency in late 2000, “at the turn of the century” as he says. “As an executive of one of the largest corporate home care agencies in California, I saw that bigger was not better when it comes to personal care, so I started A Better Living. For us, the client-caregiver relationship is the center of our universe, not corporate policies and procedures.”
Mr. Bloodsworth is a pioneering leader in home care and is past president and a board member of a statewide home care agency association. He frequently speaks on senior issues, and has testified before legislative committees. His career experience in hospital administration, physician practice management, chronic disease management, and home care is unique, and provides a deep understanding of his client’s and their family’s needs. He graduated from the The University of Iowa with a Masters in Hospital Administration, and a Masters in Business Administration.

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