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Learn What Questions to Ask That Will Give You a Better Idea on How Certain Situations are Handled Before Hiring Alzheimer’s Home Care.

The Six Key Questions to Ask before Hiring an Alzheimer’s Care Provider in Concord, CA

For some time you have been providing Alzheimer’s care for your elderly father. Now you realize it’s more than you can handle, his behavior is becoming erratic, and you’re ill-equipped to deal with these changes. You’ve decided that a professional Alzheimer’s care provider is the most logical next step.

When you first start looking around for an Alzheimer’s care provider, you’re going to be faced with a number of questions. Where is your elderly father with regard to the disease’s progression? Is he in the earlier stages? Or is he in the latter stages? Being able to answer these questions is going to help you narrow the search and find the ideal caregiver for him.

Below are six questions that you may wish to consider asking any potential Alzheimer’s care provider. These questions can give you insight into their experience, how they might handle certain situations, and their personality, which could be extremely important for working with an Alzheimer’s patient.

  1. When hiring through an agency, ask: How long has this agency been providing Alzheimer’s care to patients throughout the community?

This question will give you insight into the experience level of the agency as a whole, and not just an individual caregiver. The more experience an agency has, the more likely they have the best tools and resources to support the Alzheimer’s patient in the most positive way possible.

  1. Will you create a written and customized care plan that is developed with the cooperation and consultation of the Alzheimer’s patient as well as their family members? Also, will the plan be updated as necessary?

While these are two questions, they focus on the same general concept. A care plan would include strategies, things to look for, and aspects of long-term Alzheimer’s care that could become important in time. It’s a good idea to hire somebody who usually develops these care plans.

  1. How would you handle an emergency situation if it’s after hours for the agency?

This question is posed directly to the caregiver and would help you determine their experience level and how they would deal with an emergency situation in the event an administrator, supervisor, or other support staff at the agency are not working at that time.

  1. Would the agency (if hiring through an agency) provide a visiting nurse, social worker, counselor, or other caregiver if the need arises?

The more support services an agency provides, the more beneficial it could be for the Alzheimer’s patient as the disease progresses.

  1. What kind of training does the caregiver receive on an ongoing basis?

Some agencies provide training for their caregivers on a regular basis. This could provide new tips and insight into best Alzheimer’s care strategies to use.

  1. What is the hiring practice at the agency?

Does the agency hire independent caregivers? Do they conduct thorough background checks on all of their employees? Knowing the answer to these questions can help alleviate anxiety and concerns about the quality of care the Alzheimer’s patient will receive.

If you have a loved one who could benefit from the help of Alzheimer’s Home Care in Concord,  CA, contact the caregivers at A Better Living Home  Care Agency. We help seniors and their families with many levels of senior care. Call 925-566-2366 for more information.

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Mary Griffin

Mary Griffin, RN, MPH has been a fixture in California Home Care Services for over 25 years and recognized throughout the industry. After earning her BA in Nursing from San Jose State University, she worked in San Francisco as a public health nurse. After a few years, she returned to school and earned a Masters Degree in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University. Mary has held executive positions at several national home care companies, and founded a successful Medicare certified home health care agency with offices throughout California that she later sold. She has lectured extensively to medical foundations, health care associations, and insurance companies on long term care and effective post-discharge follow-up solutions.

Mary has a unique perspective, not only is she an industry leader and veteran in the home care, but she also was the primary care provider for her 88 year old mother with Alzheimer’s and debilitating arthritis for many years. Her combined personal and professional experiences provide great insight into understanding clients and families in need, and how best A Better Living Home Care can serve them.

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