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Did You Know that Statistics Shows Over Three Million Veterans are Living With Some Type of Disability, or Injury?

Three Million Veterans Require Some Type of Care in Los Angeles, CA

Believe it or not, there are approximately 23 million veterans throughout the United States. They range in ages from their early 20s through late 90s and even some centennial’s. Over 3 million of them are living with some type of disability and require some level of home care.

43,000 veterans whom who have returned from Iraq or Afghanistan are dealing with traumatic brain injuries. 16,000 are suffering from devastating and often classified as catastrophic physical injuries. 8,400 of those are living with amputated or mangled limbs.

This is placing an enormous financial burden on the Veterans Administration. For aging veterans, getting proper home care can sometimes feel more challenging than ever before. With more cuts to the Veterans Administration and these increases in veterans who require some type of assistance, it means there is less administrative support to get approval for various pension programs.

The Aid and Attendance Benefit

There is a pension program through the VA known as the Aid and Attendance Benefit. This is a pension program that was designed and implemented following World War I as a means of providing home care to injured and disabled veterans returning home from that war.

Today it provides financial assistance to various veterans who require some type of home care. For veterans under the age of 65, they would need to show their disability occurred during a time of active duty service. For veterans 65 years of age and over, their disabilities don’t need to have occurred or been caused during or by their active duty service.

In order to qualify for this pension, an elderly veteran would have to earn less than the threshold set by the Veterans Administration. They also need to have served at least 90 days of active duty service in one of the major branches of the military. One of those days would need to have been during a time of active combat. The veteran doesn’t need to have served in a combat situation, though.

The elderly veteran would also need a doctor’s recommendation for home care in order to qualify for the Aid and Attendance pension benefit. Approval for the benefit can take many months and in some cases over a year, so the sooner the veteran applies for it, if he or she believes they qualify for it, the better it’s going to be for them in the long run.

Out of the 3 million veterans who might require some type of home care, less than 900,000 who qualify for the Aid and Attendance pension, actually apply for it.

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