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New Labor Regulations, Live in Care for Seniors, and What You Should Know

Live-in Care For Seniors in Arlington Heights, IL – It’s Important to be Aware of Federal Guidelines Related to Live-in Care

For many years, the Labor Department had certain regulations in place to prevent protect workers across the country. These regulations did not apply to home care aides, including live in caregivers.

However, the Obama Administration pushed through new regulations that provide pay and overtime protections to numerous home care aides, including live in care for seniors providers. For the individuals who may rely on some type of live-in caregiver now or in the future, it’s important to understand these basic labor regulation changes and how they may affect these caregivers.

When the new regulations go into effect.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that these new labor regulations were set to go into effect in January 2015. However, to allow certain agencies and organizations to make adjustments and fulfill the regulations for their employees, full implementation was delayed until June 2015.

Some people are stating that this is not enough time for them to make the proper adjustments. Others are hopeful for a smooth transition.

What the new regulations affect.

Essentially, any home care aide or employee is going to be protected by minimum wage regulations as well as overtime pay. This means they have to make at least minimum wage, which wasn’t required previously.

They will also be required to earn overtime pay when working more than eight hours in a day or 40 hours in a week. This is going to have a direct impact on live-in caregivers. That’s because these individuals often work seven days a week and sometimes more than eight hours per day.

It is unclear at this time how these new regulations will actually affect the cost of hiring live-in care for seniors. It’s also unclear whether the regulations will completely affect these caregivers considering compensation through room and board and other benefits that come with this type of work.

Many people incorrectly assume that a live-in caregiver works less than 40 hours per week, on average. In reality, studies have shown that these caregivers work sometimes more than 80 hours per week and are available any time of day or night when the elderly patient requires assistance.

Each live-in caregiver is different and the demands on their time are going to vary. That makes it difficult to ascertain just how many hours a specific caregiver will put in on a weekly basis.

If you have specific questions about how the new labor regulations will affect live in care for seniors, contact a home care agency in the area that provides this level of service to elderly patients.

The caregivers at Smile and Love, Inc. are available to talk with you and your family about all of your elder care needs. Smile and Love, Inc. is an elder care agency providing quality and affordable senior care in Arlington Heights, IL and the surrounding areas. Call (847) 380-7378 for more information.

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