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7 Tips for Handling a Common Symptom of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Care in Plano, TX   Being Patient and Supportive is Vital to Incontinence Care

If you are a caregiver of someone who has dementia, you may have to deal with the problem of incontinence. Since dementia affects the memory and cognitive motor skills, incontinence, either urinary or bowel, can happen to people who suffer from this disease. As a caregiver, it may be frustrating to know how to handle something like this effectively. Here are seven tips to help effectively help your loved one with this difficult side effect:

  1. It’s helpful if the caregiver is consistent with reminders about using the restroom. Try to ask them in regular intervals of 2 to 4 hours. Also, if they need help using the toilet, assist and encourage them in the bathroom.
  2. The person may need help locating and even identifying the toilet sometimes. It can help to post words and pictures on the bathroom door so they can see it. Or leave bathroom doors open when not in use so that they know it’s vacant.
  3. You can help the person identify the toilet better by making it very visible (I.e. using a different color toilet seat on a white toilet.)
  4. Help your loved one get to the restroom easier by making sure their path is clear from furniture that could get in their way or rugs they might trip on. And at night, keep the restroom well lit so they can find it in the dark. You can also purchase lights that turn on with movement.
  5. If they have a difficult time moving around because of arthritis or other mobility issues, it can make it easier and safer for them to use the toilet with handrails or a raised toilet seat. An occupational therapist can help you with this or a store that carries independent living supplies.
  6. Encourage the person to wear clothing that is easier to remove. Clothing that has elastic is often easier to handle that something with buttons or zippers.
  7. Be sensitive to the person’s need for privacy but also keep their safety in mind. Install locks that can be opened from the outside so that they don’t accidentally lock themselves in.

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