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Preparing an Aging Loved One for Live-In Care in Jupiter FL

By: Expert Author David Kellogg, Owner, A Moment’s Notice Home Care Jupiter FL

Home CareLive-In Care Beats the Alternative!

Live-in care is a concept of providing many of the services that seniors would get in assisted living or nursing home settings, but it is done in their own home. It can include a wide range of services, and the family can pick and choose the services the senior needs. In addition, other services can be added on later, as needed. The costs for home care depend on the type and number of services provided.

Live-In Care Services

Seniors may need regular help with housework, laundry or simple home maintenance chores. Perhaps, the senior can no longer drive and needs transportation help for shopping and doctor visits. If the senior has some physical impairment, they may require help with bathing, dressing and other grooming tasks. Meal preparation or feeding may be a problem that home care workers can provide. In addition, medically trained home care workers can help with medications, monitoring vital signs, physical therapy and other tasks. Home care workers can also provide social interaction that can be critical to seniors’ well-being

Initial Resistance To Live-In Care

After years of independence, it’s difficult for many older people to accept the fact that they can no longer care for themselves as they have previously. It can affect their feelings of self-worth and pride. However, most seniors can warm up to the idea if you ease them into it gradually.

Preparing a Senior For Live-In Care

As time goes on, many people must deal with the problem of aging parents who may not be able to care for themselves on their own. Though a number of alternate living situations exist, many senior individuals prefer to remain in their own homes. Live-in care offers a good option for that extra help that many seniors may need.

A frank discussion of their care is the first step in preparing a senior for live-in care services. You can also point out the advantages of having home care, such as staying in their own home, having someone to chat with and not having to depend on others for rides around town. You can emphasize how you would feel better knowing someone was looking in on them and making household tasks easier. Involve the senior in choosing a home care agency and determining which services they need. These steps can go a long way toward making the transition to live-in care easier.

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