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Alzheimer’s Home Care Jupiter FL: Home Care Companions Can Be a Family’s Eyes and Ears During the Day While Everyone is at Work

It can be difficult to go to work and leave your aging loved one at home. You may be nervous about his safety and unsure whether his physical and medical needs will be properly addressed while you aren’t there. This can leave you worrying all day, even if your parent assures you that he is capable of taking care of himself in the hours what you are working, you may still be concerned that he could hurt himself or forget about treatment recommendations from his physician. Instead of allowing yourself to worry constantly, hire a home care companion to be your support system while you are away.

While you are at work during the day, a home care companion can be with your loved one to make sure that his needs are taken care of, and that he remains healthy and happy. This can mean taking care of such things as light meal preparation, housekeeping, helping with errands, and provided transportation. For your peace of mind, it also means being your eyes and ears.

The home care companion that is providing care for your aging parent will carefully keep track of things such as:

  • Symptoms of any health concerns that your parent may be suffering
  • Medications that need to be taken, as well as their dosage and schedule
  • The amount that your parent eats, and what he eats
  • Any strange behaviors or new activities
  • The amount of physical activity that your parent does.

Knowing these things will help you to stay on top of your parent’s health. It may be necessary for you to keep track of things such as your parent’s weight, nutrient intake, physical activity, and symptoms in order to properly manage their health concerns. While you are at work is virtually impossible to remain accurate with measurements and other evaluations. A home care companion can take this uncertainty away. She can provide reminders to your loved one regarding medication and other treatment activities, and give you updates when you return home so you are aware of your parent’s condition and progress.

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