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Reducing Hospital Re-Admission Rates : Home Care Agencies Help Seniors Recover After Hospitalization

By: Expert Author Tom Dean, Owner, Comfort Keepers, Sarasota FL

Comfort Keepers Hospitalization is a common occurrence among seniors. Because they are more susceptible to illness and injury, and tend to recover more slowly, seniors may end up hospitalized for extended periods even for relatively minor issues. When there are more serious conditions in play, however, the recovery can last well beyond the hospitalization. Transitioning from the hospital to home represents a delicate time in a seniors recovery. Hiring a home care companion can ease the stress of worrying that your senior is not getting adequate care and can assure you that his recovery will go smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Contact a home care agency while your senior is still in the hospital. This will ensure that you are able to select the most compatible home care companion for as soon as your loved one returns home. If possible, have the home care companion visit your senior while in the hospital. This will allow them to get used to each other and get to know each other so that the transition into spending more time together when your loved one returns home is easier and more comfortable. Visiting in the hospital will also give your home care companion the opportunity to learn about the recommendations of the position has for the continued care of your senior so that she is able to implement schedules and reminders that will support continued recovery.

Recovery from a hospitalization often requires that a senior rest and not try to handle anything too strenuous, too quickly. If your loved one is particularly stubborn and likes to take care of things himself you may have difficulty enforcing these recommendations if you are not around. A home care companion can be there when you are not available to help take care of tasks that your senior may be tempted to try to do himself if alone. This includes light housekeeping, laundry, preparing meals, or providing basic care for pets. Knowing that these things are being taking care of can help your senior relax and see to his recovery.


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Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

Editor in Chief at Approved Senior Network
Valerie is a Registered Nurse and long-term care expert. She has published 4 books on caring for aging adults and is the Editor in Chief of and

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