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Preventing Hospital Readmission for Pneumonia- Focus on Finishing Medications

By: Expert Author Joy Parrish, Owner, Seniors Helping Seniors, NE Tarrant County TX

After Coming Home from the Hospital with Pneumonia, Be Sure to Take ALL of Your Medications, Even if You Feel Better

Pneumonia is a frightening disease even for someone who is young and healthy. When a senior is suffering from pneumonia, however, Prevent Hospital Readmission of Pneumoniathe situation can quickly become quite dire. This is why making sure that you have the proper care for your aging loved one after he returns home from hospitalization due pneumonia is absolutely critical to ensuring that he will recover as quickly and completely as possible.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when recovering from pneumonia is making sure that all medications as prescribed is taken even if the patient begins to feel better only part way into the course of treatment. It is rather common for people prescribed strong medications take care of condition such as pneumonia to begin feeling much better after only a few days of taking the medication. This may compel them to stop taking the medication, or cause them to become more lax in adhering to the schedule given to them by their physician. Regardless of how your loved one says he is feeling, if he is not taken all of the medication was prescribed to him in the way that it was meant to be taken, his treatment is not complete.

There is a reason that the doctor prescribed that specific medication in the dosage and course in which it was prescribed. If the full course of medication is not taken properly, the illness can easily return. Because seniors are so susceptible to illness, a returning case of pneumonia can quickly become far worse than the original case, leading to severe medical complications. It is crucial that medication is taken completely to give the body the best chance of fighting off the pneumonia.

Making sure the medication is taken on time can be quite a challenge after someone comes home from the hospital. Now that he is away from the nurses and doctors that helped them stay on top of his medication schedule can be easy for patient recovering from pneumonia to forget to take his medication, or simply not take it because he is feeling better and things that he doesn’t need it. Establishing a schedule and offering frequent and encouraging reminders will ensure that all of the medication is taken, and the illness is combated as effectively as possible.

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Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

Editor in Chief at Approved Senior Network
Valerie is a Registered Nurse and long-term care expert. She has published 4 books on caring for aging adults and is the Editor in Chief of and

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