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Home Care Helps Keep CHF Patients Organized and Healthy at Home, Avoiding Hospital Readmission

By: Expert Author Mike McWilliams, Owner, Ally Senior Care Bakersfield CA

Overwhelmed with Information and Instructions After Leaving the Hospital? Home Care Can Help Keep You Home Care Helps Keep CHF Patients Organized and Healthy at Home, Avoiding Hospital ReadmissionOrganized and Healthy

Being diagnosed with congestive heart failure and spending time hospitalized due to the effects of the disorder can be overwhelming. What can be even more overwhelming is the amount of information and instructions that will be given to you upon leaving the hospital and transitioning to managing your condition at home. Your physician will want you to understand your prescriptions, dietary regulations, exercise recommendations, fluid intake guidelines, and many other things that will keep you healthy while managing your CHF.

While things such as taking your medication and controlling your diet are taken care of for you while you are in the hospital, you will have to make sure that these things are properly addressed when you get home. You may find it difficult to remember all of the details that your physician gave you, and worry that you won’t be able to manage her condition effectively on your own. Hiring a home care professional can take a tremendous amount of pressure off of you, and help you to feel confident and at ease.

A home care companion can offer you support law managing your congestive heart failure, and help to keep you organized so you are able to follow your physician recommendations and stay healthy. This can include:

  • Offering medication reminders to keep you on track. This is especially useful if you are prescribed several different medications or need to take your medications at various times throughout the day. Your home care companion can help you to stay on schedule and remind you of the dosage and timing so you can glean the maximum benefit from your medications.
  • Nutritional support and light cooking. A sodium restricted diet is a common aspect of any treatment plan for congestive heart failure. Your home care companion can help you to understand product labels, prepare meals for you, and even offer support and guidance for any family who may prepare your meals for you.
  • Help with mobility issues to keep you on the exercise regimen that your doctor suggested for you.

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