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Home Care in Houston TX Keeps Seniors Safe by Helping to Avoid Slips and Falls

By: Expert Author Don Lalonde, Owner, Comfort Keepers, Houston TX 

Home Care Houston TXWhen seniors live alone, they are in danger of slipping and falling. If they fall when they are alone, they may not be able to get the help they need. With home care, your elderly loved ones will be able to live comfortably in their own homes with the help of home care companions. Home care companions are compassionate and eager to help your loved ones with their daily activities such as running errands, cleaning, bathing and mobility issues.

If there is a home care companion in the house with your elderly loved ones, the risk of falling is far less than it would be if they were at home alone. Home care companions will be happy to lend a helping hand to your loved ones while they are trying to get from room to room. However, they have a good sense of boundaries and know how to help without making seniors feel like they are being treated like children. If they do fall, a home care companion will be able to help them up and get medical attention if it is needed.

Caregivers are called companions for a reason. They will not only help take care of your loved ones, but they will also have a bond with them. Relationships are important, and home care companions strive to make the best of the relationships with their patients. They will be there to talk and share with your loved ones, building a lasting bond.

When seniors live alone, they can be stuck at home for a majority of the time. In most cases, family members and friends have to work and don’t have the necessary time to devote to their elderly loved ones. Home care companions will be happy to take their patients to family functions or any other activities that they may wish to attend. Seniors can be driven to the store for grocery shopping and other tasks. Home care companions can also help seniors with tasks such as applying make-up and picking out clothes.

If you are struggling to help your elderly loved ones with their day to day living, but you do not want to place them in a nursing home, home care may be the best option for both you and your loved ones. Home care companions will keep them from feeling lonely, and they will also help them with their everyday activities and make sure they are safe and properly cared for.

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Don Lalonde

Prior to opening the West Houston Comfort Keepers office, Carol and Don Lalonde learned firsthand how difficult it can be to find qualified caregivers for seniors and others needing assistance at home. Carol and Don opened the West Houston Comfort Keepers office because they have personally witnessed the difficulty seniors experience as they age and try to remain at home.

They first experienced the need for senior home care services when Don’s father became very ill. His mother attempted to care for Don’s dad, but it was an overwhelming effort. At that time they were not able to find the type of services Comfort Keepers delivers. And shortly after, they experienced similar frustrations when Carol's mother became very ill. They recognize there are comparable situations today where seniors and their families find it difficult to obtain the needed assistance that will allow loved ones to live safely and independently at home.

Carol and Don are integral components in the West Houston, Katy, Bear Creek, Copperfield, Cypress, and Willowbrook communities enabling them to provide assistance to those families needing help with their loved ones.

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