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Three Home Care Options Some Seniors Have

By Tracy Clark | Nov 30, 2016

Home Care for Seniors in Mansfield OH: When you’re talking about options available to seniors, most have access to the same ones. However, some seniors may live in extremely rural parts of the country and don’t have access to all of the services or options available to others who live in metropolitan regions, for example.

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Flexibility May Be Essential When Home Care Is Needed

By Kira Tewalt | Nov 28, 2016

Home Care for Seniors in McLean VA: How often does that senior in your life need help? Perhaps she only needs some assistance for a couple of hours in the morning. Maybe she needs help in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Perhaps she needs some type of support a couple of days a week, but not every day.

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Some View Home Care as a Hindrance to Freedom, but It’s Actually the Opposite

By Andy Niska | Nov 21, 2016

Home Care Options for Seniors in Spokane, WA: When Michelle was having difficulty getting out of bed some mornings, she would call her daughter who lives in a couple of towns away. She eventually managed to twist and turn herself around so she could slide out of bed safely, and after stretching a bit and moving around, she didn’t have any other trouble the rest of the day.

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5 Signs Home Care Is the Best Option for Mom

By Lynn at Interim | Nov 17, 2016

5 Signs Home Care Is the Best Option for Mom: There may have been numerous signs over the past few months or even years that your mother was slowing down physically. Perhaps she suffered a medical emergency and was hospitalized. Maybe you noticed her taking more time to get up from the kitchen table and walk down the hall. The other day you might have noticed her using her hand as support when she walked throughout the house.

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Top Seven Things Experienced Home Care Aides Know That You Might Not

By Denise Moser | Nov 16, 2016

Here are seven things experienced home care aides know that a family caregiver might not.

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Three Ways a Home Care Aide May Help a Senior Brush Her Teeth

By Robbie McCullough | Oct 27, 2016

Home Care Options for Seniors in Preston Hollow TX: Here are three that may just be enough to get an elderly individual in your life thinking about hiring these home care services.

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Three Ways Home Care Can Improve Life for Seniors in the Fall

By Mike Willett | Oct 27, 2016

Home Care Options for Seniors in Houston TX: How important is care and support for a senior? That all depends on the senior.

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How Important Is It That Seniors with Alzheimer’s Care for Their Teeth?

By Erin Carll | Oct 25, 2016

Alzheimer’s Care in Allison Park PA: Millions of people, as they get older, deal with increasing dental health issues. Oral hygiene receives a significant amount of attention throughout many stages of life. As children, they are admonished to brush their teeth regularly.

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How to Communicate the Many Home Care Options with Dad

By Valerie Darling | Oct 25, 2016

Home Care for Seniors in Flowery Branch GA: It’s difficult to talk to somebody who just won’t listen. You’ve been practically beating your head against the wall for months trying to convince your father he needs home care support. He just won’t listen.

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Why Dad Has the Right to Refuse Home Care, and How You May Be Able to Change His Mind

By Greg Banks | Oct 25, 2016

Home Care for Seniors in Galloway NJ: Your father is absolutely adamant there is no possible way, “in this life or the next,” as he said, he would ever consider hiring a home care aide. After all, he has you or other family members to help him why would he even expose himself to potential abuse, neglect, or other fraud and crimes?

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