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Home Care Reduces Hospital Readmission Rates

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Dealing with Pneumonia Recovery for Seniors

By Krista Gaul | Feb 3, 2017

Reduce Hospital Readmissions Wilmington DE-Recovering from pneumonia can take several days, weeks, or even months, depending on the severity of the viral or bacterial infection, the health of the individual, their age, and many other factors. For the senior who has recently been hospitalized due to pneumonia, it’s absolutely crucial they get the right support and care at home once they’re discharged.

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The Role of Family in Reducing Hospital Readmissions

By Tracy Clark | Jan 30, 2017

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Mansfield OH: In the fight to reduce hospital readmission rates, what role does family play, especially for an elderly individual?

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The Three Best Ways to Support an Aging Loved One After a Hospitalization

By Denise Moser | Jan 17, 2017

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Omaha NE: Your mother was hospitalized recently and now that she’s set for discharge, you’re trying to figure out the best way to help her. Her doctor has highly recommended a home care aide and other support services, but you may be thinking about doing this yourself.

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Even Planned Surgery May Require Months of Recovery for Some Seniors

By Sam Vesa | Jan 6, 2017

Following surgery, it may take many weeks and possibly even months to recover. That’s for a relatively young, healthy adult. It all depends the surgery, health condition before going in for surgery, and a number of other factors. It also includes what a person is able and willing to do for their ultimate recovery.

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How Much Do You Know About That Elderly Family Member’s Diet Following Hospitalization?

By Andy Niska | Dec 23, 2016

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Spokane WA: The foods we eat have a direct impact on our overall health. A person in their 40s who has a tendency to eat too much junk food, too many sweet snacks or desserts, too many fried foods, too many chips, and too few healthy vegetables is probably going to face increased health risks in the future.

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Following a Hospitalization, Long-Term Care May Be Needed

By Michelle DeFilippis | Nov 30, 2016

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Herndon VA: When a person has been hospitalized, they most likely will be facing some length of time for their recovery. It might be a matter of days for some, weeks for others, or months and possibly even years for even others.

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When Mom’s Talking About Her Will, She Might Not Be Focusing on Her Recovery Enough

By Andy Niska | Nov 21, 2016

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Spokane WA: Your mother had a heart attack. She was hospitalized for more than a week. Ever since she was discharged and sent home you’ve been trying to help provide support and care for her. But she’s been reluctant to take part in certain activities or get any type of exercise.

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Following a Stroke, Rehabilitation Makes a World of Difference

By Walter L. Black, MBA, CSA | Nov 14, 2016

Reduce Hospital Readmissions Arlington TN-After a stroke, the road to recovery can be extremely long. Some people may never regain mobility or the use of one side of their body. Due to the impact the stroke has on the brain, it may not be physically possible for a person to regain the use of their left arm, for example. When that happens, they will require a lot of extra care and support, especially as they get older.

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When Friends or Family Aren’t Available to Help, Home Care Services Are

By Melia Boone | Nov 14, 2016

Reduce Hospital Readmissions Friendswood TX-You want to avoid a hospital readmission. The best way to reduce hospital readmission rates is to get proper care and support at home. However, your family members and friends all seem to be too busy to stop by and help out every once in a while.

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How Much Does a Caregiver Impact Recovery for Seniors?

By Michael Hagman | Nov 9, 2016

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Helena MT: The doctor suggested home care support services for your father who was hospitalized following a heart attack. You didn’t think it was all that important.

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